S4 E8: Darren’s surgery, Corpse Rafi and Catfish

Rafi catches us up with his latest casting offer – to be a corpse. Jen reads the email notification from the director; Rafi tries but fails to re-enact his emotions while reading the email. Is Rafi now typecast to only play mannequins and corpses? Time will tell. But his Shoeshiner music video shoot shows promise. As do Rafis new boyfriends. Darren is still alive after being cut open with the Da Vinci Xi robot, for his laparoscopic surgery to remove his gallbladder. And Jen talks about how she does not want to use a catfish picture from when she was 30, as her promotional images for Asylum. We also learn where Jens new nickname Whiskers came from. Last, we get a bit political, mentioning the LinkedIn post by Elisa Hebert (see https://bit.ly/elisaflorida) about the Dont Say Gay law. If you want to read the law yourself, see https://bit.ly/dontsaygaylaw

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