S4 E7: Maldives Trip, Rafi’s Erections, and more!

The trio returns after a long break of mixed vacations and business travel. Darren and Jen start the show with Jen remote on her cell phone, and Rafi connecting soon after via Zoom. Darren shares details of getting to the Maldives on his expensive vacation to the overwater bungalows. Travel times, business class travel on Qatar Airways, international airport experiences, Kuderu resort details, and more! Rafi fills us in on coming SO CLOSE to getting the Jose Cuervo gig – but no cigar. But several other cool jobs are headed Rafi’s way… including Rafi as a Doc for Erectile Dysfunction promos! Oh we can’t wait. Darren volunteered to be the dad patient in the promos. Jen listens in and interjects where she could, when she could! Tune in to hear more!

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