S4 E6: Haunted Houses, Anal Condoms and Jose Cuervo audition

It’s the DnR 3.0 show again with Darren and Rafi, as Jen is too hung over to get to the microphone. Poor Jen. Hear about their trip to West Orange on Friday with all three hosts, to a presumed Haunted House (where two kids were murdered). Nobody really felt anything odd other than Darren was spooked on the third floor in what looked like a large walk-in closet. Rafi talks about getting killed in his past life and the other dimension of life after death. Darren shares his Long Island medium story (no, not Theresa from TV). The new FDA approved anal condom is discussed but then rawly forgotten. Rafi shares his virtual audition details for a social campaign for Jose Cuervo. And super-Rafi-fan Monotone Marc calls in to talk musicals.

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