S4 E4: Getting to know Rafi Fuentes

Jen give us an update on her resignation from Company A and how they would welcome her back, if Company B doesn’t work out. Darren has many questions for Rafi about what we learned from his DnR appearance last Thursday Feb 3rd (It Takes Two). Rafi graciously said that he and straight (but swishy) AJ are good looking in their own ways. Darren apologizes to Rafi for spilling the beans on Rafi’s hidden resume talent, being a mannequin (or corpse, as AJ put it). Darren also suggested that even if it takes Rafi till mid 30’s to become famous, some actors such as Lisa Emery (70 year old Darlene on Ozarks) didn’t get real acting gigs with speaking roles until their mid 30’s. Rafi gives us an update on his shoot for Dazzling Cleaning. And Darren suggests he’d pay Rafi $90 for … Darren then tries to hook up Rafi with a speaking role as a real bartender for Jen. Rafi starts to take off his clothes, giving us some shoulder on https://bit.ly/asylumlive. We then trail off into Rafi’s disco and selfie shirtless bathroom habits with men that he dates.

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