S4 E15: Pampering Yourself & Squirting

The trio is back to talk about Hair (in the ears, nose, eyebrows) and Nails (dirty black nails at the salon, matte polish pedicures for men). Rafi catches us up with his “Cutting Room” live show, and soon you can catch Rafi in an orgy scene… “Narcissist of New York City”… where nothing happens – be looking for that hit on Amazon VOD/Prime. Darren is headed back to Dallas and San Antonio at the end of August. Earlier tonight Rafi had a nice Italian dinner at a DNR meetup with Rick the Pig, Xtena/Edwin, Wayward Tom, What is Happening Jason & Dan… while Jen and Darren wonder if their invitations got lost. Rafi’s headed out for more fun (and gummies?) with the DNR gang somewhere in midtown tonight. Jen and Darren are too lazy to leave the couch, blaming it on work tomorrow. Rafi had a date (or… a meet-up) with monotone Mark in Hoboken where the fireworks were hot and Rafi stripped his shirt off post gummy. Would Darren or Rafi be cool dating a FTM post-op? Darren yes, Rafi… err. The trio need an education on proper trans* terminology post Rocky Horror Picture show. Darren confuses vaping and dabbing/wax. Jen tries to explain the difference. Next week, the DnRnS show?

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