S4 E14: Happy Daddy Day Darren

Darren questions why Rafi isn’t sitting on his lap for Father’s Day. Rafi changes the subject and questions what happened to Whiskers (Jen’s new pet name). Darren compliments Rafi’s work on “The Cookie Jar” and suggests they widen the dimension and do the show live at some point. Darren and Rafi encourage Jen to bring her house guests on (so we can dig for dirt). Darren analyzes why Monotone Mark is following Rafi everywhere (is this love)? Rafi talks about another one his beautiful 3 hour shit shows, playing a DJ, and also the Governor’s balls…. err, Ball (music festival). Rafi getting hit on again by girls (blah). Darren reminisces about their previous 3-week host Joe and his wife the Producer (gone). Darren wants to be the next Broadway director for Dear Evan Hansen. Rafi mentions Matilda is coming out as a musical for Netflix (Rafi didn’t mention auditioning?). Stranger Things may be over-done for Darren but Rafi’s getting married to the show. Darren wants to know why Rafi keeps finding reasons why he isn’t into someone. And the subject changes to time sucking TikTok. Darren recommends Breaking Bad on Netflix. Bryan Cranston is now starring in “Jerry and Marge Go Large”. Rafi thinks Hempstead is far – try traveling to Texas. Darren wants to sniff Rafi’s stink. Darren wants to know how Rafi “does it” and supports himself. The duo compare notes on Yoga and holding positions for a long time (wait isn’t Rafi a mannequin expert)? Darren tried Max Challenge and Rafi thinks he’s talking about devil acceptance with an ice bucket, and Darren’s partner Pat wants his own gym time. Darren talks about the cute straight boy he met to ride at Six Flags. Darren talks more serious about his 82 year old father-in-law breaking his neck but survived. And the show closes with more about smelling Rafi.

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