S4 E13: Used Jockstraps

Darren N Rafi return for another duo episode of DNR 3.0, while Jen is partying in Guadalajara. Rafi apparently won’t be hitching a ride on the Alaska cruise at the moment due to a misunderstanding of who was potentially paying for the stateroom. Rafi needs to find an older sugar daddy or mommy‚Ķ Nah that’s not Rafi. He really wants old fashioned romance and love. And it’s been over a month since Rafi has had any physical attention. Any volunteers? You must like bathroom discos! Rafi talks about his expensive stolen gym shoe, that Bean Bag Boy is back (at least on the job) and Rafi’s now ushering at Rugby games. Darren brings up a possible idea to fund Rafi’s trip on the DNR European cruise – by auctioning off his used jockstrap. Or each piece of his sweaty gym outfit. Rafi tells us of his new friend he met, a designer for mens lace; both Rafi and Darren pass on any interest – no offense to those who are turned on by lace. Rafi promotes “Pair of Thieves” underwear available at Target – now that’s sexy. Rafi talks Bermuda, Charity Walks, and not catching up with the DNR cruisers. Darren talks about his lack of attention while out at the gay bars in Dallas. Darren asks how the Cookie JAR Podcast got started and Rafi sends his kudos to those who encouraged him.

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