S4 E12: Who’s the Daddy Now!?

Jen suggests stuffing our next pet and figuring out the best position. Darren serves drinks next to his pet’s bones. Rafi skin gets fried in Miami Beach before his double appearance on EnamorĂ¡ndonos. Look for it on https://www.youtube.com/c/UnimasOficial (not sure if its posted yet) but Rafi gets short-changed with only one option for a date. Rafi didn’t know what his potential date looked like until the Producer gives Rafi his Instagram, oh and he’s a photographer. Rafi thought he was attractive but he was more attracted to his models. But then discovered he was looking at the wrong date. But what happened to the date? Instead, Rafi falls for a gorgeous cuban Spanish speaking boi, a younger man, 21, at the airport who was giving Rafi his do-me eyes. Who is the Daddy now, Rafi!? Jen wants to know what the gay signals are, when you want someone. Darren switches to his Dolphin Dick history. Jen tells us about her all-night Saturday partying in Miami (minus Rafi!) and her experiences at the Sexy Fish and Fountain Blue where a DJ gets her an Uber ride that’s a night club on wheels – disco lights, lasers, surround sound. Next stop at 3am is the political end of the DJ business. The partying went on till Jen and Manuel get to bed at 9am Sunday morning. Darren feels old as his quiet Saturday was spent seeing the Tina Turner musical on broadway with Pat at 2pm then 6pm was Jacobs Pickles with a small pre-cruise DNR dinner group. Rafi ends the show with promo for his new Cookie Jar Show every Friday – see: https://www.facebook.com/CookieJARshow/ – stay tuned for Snicker Doodles!

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