S4 E11: It’s the JARF Show!

Jen Aczualdez (JA) and Rafi Fuentes (RF) (aka: JARF show) reminisce about their latest NYC party gathering with entertainers at La Pulperia in Hells Kitchen, where Jen discovered Rafi’s voice as he serenaded the group. Darren is jealous. Rafi talks about being in Miami getting ready to be a contestant (instead of a translator) on a real life/live TV show: Enamorandonos by Univision! Will Rafi find Love and a new date for his disco bathroom? Or will it end in bean bag disaster? Jen will be in Miami next week! Will JARF meet up in Miami with Rafi showing Jen his dance moves? Jen tells us what it was like to be a guest at a Jewish Seder with not so delicious Kosher Manischewitz wine, which -needs improvement- (more alcohol, less sugar). Darren is home, preparing to leave for Dallas, ready to cruise the bars in Oak Lawn TX, he’ll try Rafis double-look behind. Will there be escalators at the bars? Will Darren get lost and find himself at the closed Electric Lizard? Rafi doesn’t know how to open a Tesla. Darren doesn’t know who Ja Rule is. Ahh the generation gap. Jen contemplates her next world travels post-miami. And will the three be getting stoned at the American Dream mall in East Rutherford NJ in the future? But Jen has mall-PTSD so probably not. Or now that pot is legal in New Jersey with dispensaries opening soon, maybe she’ll have more at her disposal, to calm her down. Recorded on Saturday April 16th due to Rafi & Darren traveling on Sunday.

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