S4 E10: DNR 3.0 it’s all about Rafi

Darren N Rafi (DNR) thought it was going to be just the two of them, but then Jen pops into the episode before Rafi does! Rafi catches us up about his delicious dinner date at the Astoria New York Diner – the Omonia Cafe – complete with pubic hair in his water. Jen tell us about the fingernail that was found in a Wendy’s burger when she was flipping burgers at age 17. Rafi invents a new word: “Tigre” = Tired and hungry. Darren is traveling to Dallas and will be staying closer to Oak Lawn, and Jen gives her best advice on other areas of the city to consider: Deep Vellum or Uptown. Darren was on hold with JetBlue chat for over 2 hours, and the treo compare notes about flight shopping sites priceline.com kayak.com skiplag.com (hidden city). Rafi tells us of his new gig – a print ad for Manhattan West (next to Hudson Yard) – a 10 hour job. Then Rafi proceeds to complain about not getting paid for his last gig. The “little guy” is even suing. We learn something else new about Rafi, he has oily eyelids. Superstar Rafi will be signing autographs at the DNR open house on Saturday April 30th before the Bermuda cruise leaves. Is there a listener out there somewhere who will let Rafi stay in your cabin? Darren and Pat are having dinner with a group of 20 on Saturday the 29th at Jacob’s Pickles.

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