S3 E31: Derek Hartley Guest – Cruising during COVID, and Democracy Under Attack!

Derek Hartley joins the ASYLUM while Jen is missing in action! Darren and Derek talk about their recent experiences cruising during COVID and how the cruise lines are trying to keep everyone safe(r) when traveling aboard a mini-city – and how that compares in safety to something like shopping, theatre-watching and dining in NYC (where vaccination or proof of being COVID negative, isn’t a requirement).  Next up: Darren asks the expert (IDarrensHO), Derek, if we should be concerned about Trump loyalists trying to place their own Secretary of State picks into those powerful positions in swing states. This could allow another option for these politicians to overturn the will of the people and appoint Trump loyalists, should another candidate win in future elections. Would The People stand for it? Also hear Derek’s opinion about stacking the US Supreme Court, Term Limits – and will Trump run and win in 2024?

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