S3 E25: Experiences with Marijuana, selling an RV and buying a home

Jen talks about her journey that lead her to try medical marijuana. And the best part, all of us could qualify! Well, probably. Darren talks about his father-in-law’s horrible leg and back pain, and how CBD helped him get a full night’s sleep. Apparently due to the anti-inflammatory properties. The duo talk about experiences with CBD and THC/marijuana. Jen even gives her dog CBD for hip pain. Darren talks about the lower cost of entering the recreational market and Jen talks about the politics of it. Darren gives an update on his beagle Josie. Darren talks about his experience selling his Park Model RV this past weekend, and Darren and Pat’s new home purchase in PA. Darren and Jen talk about their retirement goals, speakeasy magic and Jen’s first boring gay bar.

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