S2 E35: OLED vs QLED TVs and Gaming

LG OLED CX vs Samsung QLED models and which is best in different lighting, what to look for in a new high-end TV if you want to play PlayStation, XBox Series X or the latest PC video games. Features to seek include support for 4K, HDR with G-Sync @ 120Hz and HDMI 2.1 supporting 48Gbps. And AirPlay is a notable plus. Jen talks about her hairless cats learning to work doorknobs to get into her ergonomic home office/recording studio. Darren tells the story of a tour he gave of his house, forgetting that the sling was hanging in the basement. And Darren takes his fourth COVID test. Ugh. Jen also stands up for her health as it pertains to her clients and employer asking her to be on-site.

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