S2 E25: Election Night 2020 Horror

Darren & Jen had a 15 minute tech mishap at the beginning of the show, trying to make the appropriate DNRStudios connections, while another DNR was doing the same, and Jen was also having computer problems! Oy Vey! Then on with the show! The duo talk for the next 45 minutes about a 6 minute warning from CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, about what is likely to happen on election night 2020 as the red map shows Trump in the lead. And the American public is so used to seeing the winner announced on election night, they may expect that this year. But COVID and a huge increase in mail-in ballots will make that impossible. It will probably be at least 1 week before mail-in ballots are tabulated and reported in, when we will know the winner. But it won’t stop there! The election will be contested by either side, and probably to the US Supreme Court, who may in turn wash their hands of it. Oh what a mess this country is in! Listen in to learn more!

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