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S3 E11: Relationship Changes During COVID & Pet Peeves

Joe leads the banter regarding how COVID affected relationships. Which brought us to: murdering your husband without a trace (what!?) – Fast forward to the next topic: Pet Peeves! Peeves that make relationships better and some that are just plain silly or annoying! And...

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S3 E10: Learn about investment strategies with a Certified Financial Planner

Joe welcomed his friend Brian Hartmann into The ASYLUM. Brian’s a Certified Financial Planner and partner at He spoke about how he helps his clients do an in-depth view of their finances, to deliver direction and holistic planning to meet short and long-term...

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S3 E9: Traveling in 2021 toward the hopeful end of COVID

Darren, Jen and Joe invited Noam Meppen into the ASYLUM! Noam’s the Franchise Owner of Expedia Cruises in Scottsdale, AZ. Noam spoke to us about how he and his team of 20 Vacation Consultants,  can help anyone plan both cruises and all inclusive leisure...

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S3 E8: Brands that have changed – for political correctness

The conversation started out with this topic, with Mrs Butterworth, Aunt Jemima, Dr Seuss and more. But as we discovered the brand issue strongly relates to the political climate of our times (Black Lives Matter, discrimination against minorities and women, etc) – we took...

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S3 E7: Blocking Facebook Friends, Who Why When and did you make up?

Darren, Jen & Joe share their stories about blocking Facebook friends. Joe Jordan blocked his own Asylum co-founder Darren – yet Joe said he doesn’t remember why. Darren thinks it was due to his political views on Trump. Darren discovered the block when trying...

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S3 E6: Two Year Anniversary – Show Memories & Advice from a Pro – our guest Romaine Patterson

Darren invites Romaine Patterson into the ASYLUM, and Joe Jordan returns again. And of course Jen is with us. Romaine shares her DNR show headaches (Mark from MN) and how they have helped people (Mark from MN) and one of her most embarrassing DNR...

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