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S4 E9: Darren’s hair fire, Rafi’s sex[y] videos and Jen likes it swallowable

Darrens niece Heather calls in to report on Darrens hair fire this weekend during the BBQ. Whiskers (Jen) is stuck in traffic so dials into the show. Jen shares her hair story – using her hair as dental floss. Darren shares his post surgery...

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S4 E8: Darren’s surgery, Corpse Rafi and Catfish

Rafi catches us up with his latest casting offer – to be a corpse. Jen reads the email notification from the director; Rafi tries but fails to re-enact his emotions while reading the email. Is Rafi now typecast to only play mannequins and corpses?...

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S4 E7: Maldives Trip, Rafi’s Erections, and more!

The trio returns after a long break of mixed vacations and business travel. Darren and Jen start the show with Jen remote on her cell phone, and Rafi connecting soon after via Zoom. Darren shares details of getting to the Maldives on his expensive...

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S4 E6: Haunted Houses, Anal Condoms and Jose Cuervo audition

It’s the DnR 3.0 show again with Darren and Rafi, as Jen is too hung over to get to the microphone. Poor Jen. Hear about their trip to West Orange on Friday with all three hosts, to a presumed Haunted House (where two kids...

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S4 E5: DNR 3.0, Weed Foods and Bean Bags

Darren and Rafi’s first show without Jen! Oh that makes us DnR (3.0?). Rafi tells us about his first two weed foods: his first was a gummy bear – joyful and laughable. His second was a weed brownie – which resulted in paranoia. Darren’s...

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S4 E4: Getting to know Rafi Fuentes

Jen give us an update on her resignation from Company A and how they would welcome her back, if Company B doesn’t work out. Darren has many questions for Rafi about what we learned from his DnR appearance last Thursday Feb 3rd (It Takes...

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Show Hosts

The Asylum is co-hosted by Darren Nye, Jen Aczualdez and Rafi Fuentes. We’re looking for guest co-hosts as well! If you’re interested, contact us and tell us about yourself!