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S3 E20: Chromebooks and Maldives Vacations

Darren tells Jen about his first two Chromebooks. The Samsung he used for 2 days then returned, and the Acer Spin 713 2-in-1 that he has on order. One key element to look for in a Chromebook: Android App compatibility! Next up is Darren’s...

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S3 E17: Arizona Recount B.S.

Darren & Jen move on – without Joe! Tonight, the duo give you the highlights of the B.S. that is happening in Arizona, which is a sham “recount” of Maricopa County, requested by the Republican controlled Arizona Senate. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors...

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S3 E16: The magic of running a recording studio

The trio returns: Darren, Jen and Joe – only to wish audua to Joe, who finally got a full-time job and can’t make our 7:30pm start time! He’ll be back! Our guest tonight is Len Carmichael of Landmine Studios based in Ewing NJ. He’s...

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S3 E15: Recent Travel Experiences, Joe’s New Job, and Psychic Mediums

Darren and Jen return from their recent travel – including their first plane rides since the pandemic began. Darren was in California and Jen & Manuel in Mexico. Both were surprised at the lack of seriousness taken by the airlines. Is this the beginning...

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