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S3 E26: Stripper Poles and Axed Ghostly Haunts

Darren talks about his vision of Jen on a Stripper Pole, but only because she said she was going to a strip club. Thoughts from Darren about the New Coke Zero flavor update. Jen and Darren compare IDA Flooding notes. And the duo talk...

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S3 E25: Experiences with Marijuana, selling an RV and buying a home

Jen talks about her journey that lead her to try medical marijuana. And the best part, all of us could qualify! Well, probably. Darren talks about his father-in-law’s horrible leg and back pain, and how CBD helped him get a full night’s sleep. Apparently...

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S3 E24: COVID scares, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, Van Gough, and dog stories!

Jen and Darren talk about their busy jobs, COVID scares and tests, and how to get COVID confirmation tests a couple days before travel. They also recommend bringing a copy of your COVID vaccination card with you, especially when traveling. CLEAR has an app...

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S3 E23: Cigars, Jeff Bezos in Space and Jeopardy failures

Jen explains how to smoke a cigar. The duo talks return of masks and the Resistance. Then Jen gives intimate details of the cock rocket built by Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. Or was it a Blue Organ? And their first human space flight. Will...

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S3 E22: Sindy’s Sex … err Life Transformation Trip to Mexico

Sindy joins the ASYLUM and tells us about her divorce and the wild sex party trip she had planned to Mexico with her friends – but what turned out to be a filled with unbearable smelly seaweed – and then after a resort relocation...

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S3 E21: Katie KK DNR Producer talks Miami Hot Spots!

Katie Castellano visits the ASYLUM, sharing her new experiences in Miami and the hot spots to visit on your next trip south (maybe before a future DNR Cruise?). Prior to Katie joining us, Darren talks of his tech mishap, formatting his MacBook Pro without...

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