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S2 E18: New Car Wish List and Buying During COVID

Last week, Jen began to tell us about her new Tesla 3. She loves it! We decided to expand on that conversation today and spoke about car’s we’ve had and why youth today don’t see cars as important. Darren’s niece Heather called in to...

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E2 S17: Hacking Absentee Ballots

Darren and Jen are LIVE to talk politics “Hacking Absentee Ballots”. Yes, Trump has made a public call for foreign countries to hack our absentee ballots! Is that Fake News or an interpretation of Trump’s actions? We also take a tangent and talk about...

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S2 E16: Tequila Agaves Mezcal and The Worm

This week in The Asylum, Jen and Darren welcome a special guest, Elisa Lopez,  to talk to us all about Agaves!  She is known in the industry as “La Loba Mexicana” ( and is the co-host of the podcast Azucar y Limon, or Sugar...

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S2 E15: Space The Final Frontier

Tonight’s live episode: Space, the Final Frontier! Darren and Jen kibitz about SpaceX and the Crew Dragon Launch (is Mars next?), our new USA Space Force (or are we talking the TV show?), and the latest Star Trek shows. Season 2 Episode 15.

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S2 E14: Crushes & Beginning Social Gatherings

What started out as topic “Trump Crushes” which would have included Trump Rants and Celebrity Crushes (the latter to get to know each other better), quickly turned into Crushes and Beginning Social Gatherings. For Crushes, Jen focused on childhood physical attractions and Darren focused...

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S2 E13: Food and Delivery Services during Lockdown

Darren, Jen and guest host Michael Pyle talk about Food and Delivery Services that we’ve used (or would like to) during Lockdown. From old favorites such as Grub Hub (which may soon be owned by Uber Eats), to newer grocery delivery services including InstaCart,...

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