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S3 E24: COVID scares, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, Van Gough, and dog stories!

Jen and Darren talk about their busy jobs, COVID scares and tests, and how to get COVID confirmation tests...

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S3 E23: Cigars, Jeff Bezos in Space and Jeopardy failures

Jen explains how to smoke a cigar. The duo talks return of masks and the Resistance. Then Jen gives...

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S3 E22: Sindy’s Sex … err Life Transformation Trip to Mexico

Sindy joins the ASYLUM and tells us about her divorce and the wild sex party trip she had planned...

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S3 E21: Katie KK DNR Producer talks Miami Hot Spots!

Katie Castellano visits the ASYLUM, sharing her new experiences in Miami and the hot spots to visit on your...

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S3 E20: Chromebooks and Maldives Vacations

Darren tells Jen about his first two Chromebooks. The Samsung he used for 2 days then returned, and the...

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S3 E17: Arizona Recount B.S.

Darren & Jen move on – without Joe! Tonight, the duo give you the highlights of the B.S. that...

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