Rafi Fuentes

Rafi is a rising star and among the three of us, he’s voted most likely to be starring in a big screen, major motion picture some day!

He’s been been featured on the “Billions” show and the film “BROS” (out in August 2022). Rafi’s also been seen in over 10 tri-state (NYC, NJ, PA) theatre productions, four national tours, and multiple TV/Film productions. Other recent credits: a “GOLI” gummies commercial and “Rosie Dean” music video (TikTok influencer).

This sexy young man also sings, and has an EP Available for download; he’s performed tracks in Toruń, Poland at a gala to raise money for a homeless shelter organization. Rafi’s also a recent graduate of SAE Institute of Technology and as a freelance audio engineer & music producer, he’s ready to mix and produce your next single! 

Hidden talents: he can pose as a mannequin for a long period of time and – is able to grow facial hair fast [HOW FAST?]!