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S4 E13: Used Jockstraps

Darren N Rafi return for another duo episode of DNR 3.0, while Jen is partying in Guadalajara. Rafi apparently won’t be hitching a ride on the Alaska cruise at the moment due to a misunderstanding of who was potentially paying for the stateroom. Rafi...

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S4 E12: Who’s the Daddy Now!?

Jen suggests stuffing our next pet and figuring out the best position. Darren serves drinks next to his pet’s bones. Rafi skin gets fried in Miami Beach before his double appearance on EnamorĂ¡ndonos. Look for it on (not sure if its posted yet)...

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S4 E11: It’s the JARF Show!

Jen Aczualdez (JA) and Rafi Fuentes (RF) (aka: JARF show) reminisce about their latest NYC party gathering with entertainers at La Pulperia in Hells Kitchen, where Jen discovered Rafi’s voice as he serenaded the group. Darren is jealous. Rafi talks about being in Miami...

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S4 E10: DNR 3.0 it’s all about Rafi

Darren N Rafi (DNR) thought it was going to be just the two of them, but then Jen pops into the episode before Rafi does! Rafi catches us up about his delicious dinner date at the Astoria New York Diner – the Omonia Cafe...

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S4 E9: Darren’s hair fire, Rafi’s sex[y] videos and Jen likes it swallowable

Darrens niece Heather calls in to report on Darrens hair fire this weekend during the BBQ. Whiskers (Jen) is stuck in traffic so dials into the show. Jen shares her hair story – using her hair as dental floss. Darren shares his post surgery...

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S4 E8: Darren’s surgery, Corpse Rafi and Catfish

Rafi catches us up with his latest casting offer – to be a corpse. Jen reads the email notification from the director; Rafi tries but fails to re-enact his emotions while reading the email. Is Rafi now typecast to only play mannequins and corpses?...

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Show Hosts

The Asylum is co-hosted by Darren Nye, Jen Aczualdez and Rafi Fuentes. We’re looking for guest co-hosts as well! If you’re interested, contact us and tell us about yourself!